4 Best Apps To Protect Your Android Devices

Android is an amazing operating system  but still poses risks to the IT department and others. Android is an open source which also increases the chances of getting Android gadgets affected by virus. The upside of this is that there are plenty of   android security apps which are available in the market and can protect your android devices from other malicious apps. Here are 4 best apps that you can install.

McAfee Wave Secure

This application is free. This app does not offer any firewall protection or virus scans but still is useful for its security features. The app provides the ability to remotely lock your android phones and to clean key data. It offers features such as to restore and also back up the data which is wiped out after that device is secured. Ability to map and track the device using GPS.

Secure Password Manager

This is a premium app and specializes in storing important information and encrypting them, including Social security numbers, account numbers, email log in passwords and much more. It also has a hint feature by which you can easily remember your password. Other features include an automatic password generator, this feature helps you in creating a secure and strong password for your existing and also new accounts.

Droid Dream Killer

This app is absolutely free and is a quick solution in case your android is infected with a Droid Dream malware. Essentially, it acts as a stop file and instructs malware to not infect the device. The app is having good reviews and people using this software are satisfied with the performance of the app. There is no guarantee provided by the developers of the app thus making it a quick patch instead of a comprehensive solution.

Antivirus free

This is also a free application and popular among the Android users. The app has average ratings and satisfactory reviews. This application scans all the application which you install onto your android devices and also cross check them the reference database of the malicious applications. Essentially, this application is good for detecting malicious apps that app scan slips.

These are some of the security apps which you can download on your android phones and protect it from malicious applications and viruses. There are several other applications which you can install such as Titanium Backup PRO key, Remote RDP enterprise, advanced task killers and others. Majority of the apps are free.

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