Find top five Indian restaurants in London

London is a great city. In fact one of my favorite cities all over the world and believe me, I’ve been to many places. What makes London so special is the fact that it combines many cultures. The city is worldwide known with its various populations. There are people all over the world and actually if you go there you will feel like you have been to almost every country in the world. Plus you will have the chance to explore some really cool places and try local cuisines of different peoples. Indian restaurants are great…but you should know that like every other huge city all over the world not all of them can offer you qualitative food. This is why you need to make a research on internet and find out which are the best places suitable for eating in London when it comes to Indian cuisine. Well, I’m a fan of those type of restaurants and I can tell you my personal ranking. Everything is based on personal experience and taste and I don’t mean to claim those are the best 5 Indian restaurants in London.

Find top five Indian restaurants in London

The first one on my list is a restaurant called Moti Mahal. It was established in 2005 and the chef is Anirudh Arora. The restaurant is considered to be one of the top class Indian restaurants and it is visited by lots of people every day. In my opinion this is a guarantee that the food is qualitative. You should give it a try definitely. The prices are a bit high but believe me – it is worthy.

The second one is Chakra. One of my favorite Indian restaurants also. Every time I want to eat cheaply or I don’t have enough money I go there. The thing is that the food is really delicious while the prices are probably the lowest when it comes to comparing Indian restaurant prices.

Cinnamon Club is number 3 on my personal ranking. Intersting fact about this place is that it is housed in a former library. This makes the atmosphere really unique and pleasant. Everything is in colonial-style while the food is also amazing.

Number 4 is Chutney Mary. This place has a special formula which has been used for more than 20 years and it works perfectly. The food is great, the services too.

And number 5, last but not least of my favorite Indian restaurants is Madhu’s. With its typical Indian name this place can help you plunge into the unique Indian world by tasting their delicious food.

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