Latest Health App On iOS

As per the latest information available ,Apple has made significant changes to its Latest Health App On iOS. The updated health will have caffeine monitoring and distance tracking features. These changes will be applicable with the upcoming iOS 8 operating system.The special motion tracking hardware inside the device will monitor the movements and act as perfect data source. The measurements are quite accurate and precise. Let us try to find more about the updated health app from Apple and what the benefits that are involved are.

Latest Health App On iOS: It Comes With Amazing Health Tabs

All Measurements Are Quite Accurate

The Caffeine Monitoring Is The Latest Feature Of This App

Every feature has been discussed above is designed after proper research and apart from these features some more functions include nutrition monitoring, sleep monitoring, medications, lab results and diagnostic record keeping. You can say it is like one stop shop health app and can help you monitor every aspect related to the improvement of individual’s health.

As per recent press statements issued by Apple the company is going to take health apps very seriously and all the upcoming iOS versions will have significant space for health apps. There could be another reason behind this importance and that is due to Samsung’s rising market share in this segment.

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