Oculus Rift Gaming for high end gamers

Oculus Rift is just that gift the creators could ever give to high-end gamers. A virtual reality headset fabricated specially for video games with an incredible wide field of view. It allows you to stride into your favourite game so that you can explore in a way never experienced before. The rift is designed by John Carmack and his highly skilled team. They are set to release the most awaited gadget in the coming months of 2014.Oculus Rift Gaming for high end gamers and intermediate gamers.

Design And Contour

The Rift is designed to comfort your most precious gift, eyes. It is a lightweight device that is modeled to support long play sessions. The initial prototypes of the gadget used 5.6 inch screen, however the consumer models are said to hold 7 inch screen. It contains bright LCD having colour depth of 24 bits per pixel. The Field of view is 110 degrees diagonal that makes its competitors to sweat in worry. The resolution of the Rift is 1280X800 leading to an effective 4:5 aspect ratio. The weight of the headset is around 379g which doesn’t include headphones. The contour of the headset can be adjusted according to the user.

Games Supported By The Rift

The first game added to the Rift was Team fortress 2 on command line option. The other titles supported by the Rift are:-

The Gallery: Six elements is the principal game announced that is designed precisely for Oculus Rift and not only supported. It is an important feature in terms of a virtual experience of the game.

How It Works?

The Oculus Rift works on the principle of virtual reality. Initially a technology that could bury a hole in your pocket is now within the boundaries of general population. It consists of small and powerful components that are installed to provide a field of view to the gamer. The simulation is created by high-resolution display and low latency head tracking. It enables an immersive experience to the user.

Looking At The Bottlenecks

Though the Rift looks a promising present for the game lovers but it might not be the same for filming devotees. The gadget supports 3D movies with 360 degree viewing experience. However, the trailers of them would be limited to 180 degrees as of now. According to Penny Arcade Report the Rift doesn’t live upto the expectations when it comes to menus, in-game script and other user interfaces. So if you are a fan of games like Skyrim throwing menus at you every now and then, the bad news is you will have to remove the headset every now and then too. All this just to read the menus! The other slips are anticipated as the aftermath of Facebook taking over Oculus VR for $2 billion. The response has been negative from the business brigades who believe the take-over isn’t good news for the gaming world. Whatsoever the issues be, the gamers still await the most promising gaming gadget of the year.

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