Tamilnadu Tour, explore the land of mythical legends

Tamil Nadu, etched with stones that tell tales of mythical legends related to this place, it best deserves to be called ‘’The Land of Enduring Heritage’’. Dotted with endless allures, this place is striking example of splendor, serenity and natural bounties. In the words of the great explorer Marco Polo, he described Tamil Nadu as the most splendid province in the world. Ruled by the three most powerful dynasties namely Cholas, Pallavas and Pandyas , the state has traditionally been the epitome of the great Dravidian culture that spreads outwards to neighboring regions from its shores.

Tamilnadu Holidays

Tamilnadu Tour, explore the land of mythical legends

Tamilnadu Holidays will be the most exciting, engaging and inspiring as Tamil Nadu will offer you to travel its famous cities, its magnificent temples, its awe inspiring hill stations and other numerous attractions that are dotted with. Nilgiri hills, situated at a great altitude will offer the adventure lovers with a daunting trek; one can also follow the temple trail and visit the numerous temples of Tamil Nadu and all the wildlife lovers can witness the rich habitat of some of the most endangered species that are known to exist in this place. Holidays spent in Tamil Nadu will be truly exhilarating.

Tamilnadu Hill Stations

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the fast paced city life, Tamilnadu hill stations will serve you with the ultimate place to relax and rejuvenate. Nestled in the lap of Mother Nature, the picturesque view of the floating clouds, misty valleys, rolling hills and cascading waterfalls will delight your eyes and will make you fall in love with this place.

Tamilnadu Temples

Tamil Nadu, also known as the land of temples, is a home to 300,000 temples that are found in every nook and corner of this state. Famous for their glorious past and spectacular art and architecture, Tamilnadu temples are truly the living testimony of the holistic past it holds.